Trade ETFs Like a Pro is a system that has been developed exclusively for ETF's, its easy execution and makes it highly commendable for both experienced investors and beginners.
Our system is 100% mechanical, our entry and exit prices are generated through technical analysis, using algorithms and price values to determine when to buy and when to sell. is a system that has proven to obtain consistent and important gains throughout the years,with a very low proportion of “falls” and an excellent risk-reward relationship.

We take advantages of both sides of the market (bull and bear market) using long and short trades

Precise selection, done with meticulous technical research, and favorable conditions, result in an excellent indicator to predict the end or beginning of the cycle of a stock.

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The Benefits of Trading Like a Stock
The easiest way to highlight the advantage of the ETF trading like a stock is to compare it to the trading of a mutual fund. Mutual funds are priced once per day, at the close of business. Everyone purchasing the fund that day gets the same price, regardless of the time of day their purchase was made

trading like a stock is just one of the many features that make ETFs so popular, particularly with professional investors and individual investors who are active traders


Low Expense Ratios: Everybody loves to save money, particularly investors who take their savings and put them to work in their portfolios. In helping investors save money, ETFs really shine. They offer all of the benefits associated with index funds - such as low turnover and broad diversification..


Diversification: ETFs come in handy when investors want to create a diversified portfolio. There are hundreds of ETFs available, and they cover every major index (those issued by Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq) and sector of the equities market (large caps, small caps, growth, value). There are international ETFs, regional ETFs (Europe, Pacific Rim, emerging markets) and country-specific (Japan, Australia, U.K.) ETFs. Specialized ETFs cover specific industries (technology, biotech, energy) and market niches.


Tax Efficiency: ETFs are a favorite among tax-aware investors because the portfolios that ETFs represent are even more tax efficient than index funds



Partner system

Trade long and short

Stop loss and target price

Great performance displayed since 2009




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System Highlights


Solid strategy that identifies strong moves
Limited number of open positions
Excellent risk-reward relationship
Long and Short Trades
Take profits on both sides of the market
Stable performance since 2008
Signals sent the previous night
Trade only the most liquid ETFsTrack Record displayed since inception


It is a 100% mechanical process.There are no emotions or subjective decisions to select the signals every day.




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